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05/17/2023, 10:07 AM
I did wrong backup & restore script for rke2 cluster with 3 masters and 2 workers. Step 1: I stopped all 3 master servers Step 2: I execute the command rke2 server\ --cluster-reset \ --cluster-reset-restore-path=<PATH-TO-SNAPSHOT> Step 3: I reviewed the documentation using the command rke2 server --cluster-reset but the process failed due to an error of etcd
{"level":"info","ts":"2023-05-17T08:07:29.022Z","caller":"etcdmain/etcd.go:73","msg":"Running: ","args":["etcd","--config-file=/var/lib/rancher/rke2/server/db/etcd/config"]}
{"level":"warn","ts":"2023-05-17T08:07:29.022Z","caller":"etcdmain/etcd.go:75","msg":"failed to verify flags","error":"open /var/lib/rancher/rke2/server/db/etcd/config: permission denied"}
Step 4: I restarted rke2-server on 3 master servers and got async error Step 5: On first master execute rke2-uninstall Step 6: I removed etcd on master nodes to start the etcd cluster Step 7: I tried to remove nodes first master to reconfigure join but failed. (kubectl delete nodes master-01) Can anyone help me get the first master into the cluster?