when i executed a k3d command (`k3d cluster create...
# k3d
when i executed a k3d command (
k3d cluster create test --no-lb --servers-memory 1g --agents 1 --agents-memory 1.5g --trace
) to run a k3s cluster, i got errors:
Failed Cluster Creation: failed setup of server/agent node k3d-test-server-0: failed to create node: failed to create fake meminfo: failed to create fake meminfo path '/root/.k3d/.k3d-test-server-0/meminfo': open /root/.k3d/.k3d-test-server-0/meminfo: is a directory
. if i remove the arguments
, this command could be executed successfully. so, what should i do? enviroment info: • k3s: 5.4.9 • docker: 20.10.24