05/12/2023, 12:04 PM
I try to use a helm chart from github repo (no artifact), trough our internal Artifactory. I manually can download it
curl <https://repo.intra/artifactory/api/vcs/downloadBranch/remote-vcs-github/papanito/phpipam-helm/master> -k -o master.tar.gz
However, when I use the same url in the
  # Use a custom location for the Helm chart. This can refer to any go-getter URL.
  # This allows one to download charts from most any location.  Also know that
  # go-getter URL supports adding a digest to validate the download. If repo
  # is set below this field is the name of the chart to lookup
  chart: <https://repo.intra/artifactory/api/vcs/downloadBranch/remote-vcs-github/papanito/phpipam-helm/master>
  # A https URL to a Helm repo to download the chart from. It's typically easier
  # to just use `chart` field and refer to a tgz file.  If repo is used the
  # value of `chart` will be used as the chart name to lookup in the Helm repository.
  #repo: <>

  # A custom release name to deploy the chart as. If not specified a release name
  # will be generated.
  releaseName: phpipam
I get this error
error downloading '<https://repo.intra/artifactory/api/vcs/downloadBranch/remote-vcs-github/papanito/phpipam-helm/master>': XML syntax error on line 1: illegal character code U+001F"
Maybe it's related to the structure of the .tar.gz file?