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05/12/2023, 9:24 AM
Hi there, Since we have changed the hostname of our Rancher server we have the following error in the logs of Rancher pods: 2023/05/12 090238 [ERROR] Failed to dial steve aggregation server: dial tcp: lookup on no such host. steve aggregation server is still pointing to the old hostname. I've tried to change the URL in the stv-aggregation secret but obviously afterwards I'm getting : 2023/05/12 091410 [ERROR] Failed to handle tunnel request from remote address (X-Forwarded-For: response 401: failed authentication Fri, May 12 2023 111410 am 2023/05/12 091410 [ERROR] Failed to dial steve aggregation server: websocket: bad handshake Any helps would be appreciated. Thanks.


05/12/2023, 9:51 AM


05/12/2023, 2:35 PM
Thanks David. I've tested and got the following: Below is your cluster yaml command to redploy agents. null Below is your cluster's agent command. If you didn't specify any roles with -r then you should not run the command below until you've added roles to it. Do not run this command on a node with roles different from the roles already assigned to it, in most situations you won't need to run this command at all. null Script has finished without error.