05/10/2023, 2:55 PM
Hello Folk's, i try to install k3s on Fedora 38, and i want to specify dedicated --cluster-cidr and --service-cidre, but I get stuck, because the command line parameter have no impact, it always configure the two nets with 10.42 and 10.43. also it ignores the parameters --flannel-backen=none. my complete settings are :
curl -sfL <> | sh -s - server --server --cluster-init  <https://k8s01:6443>  --flannel-backend=none  --cluster-cidr=   --service-cidr=
I would expect that the pods will stuck in pending - until I install the CNI with cilium. but the cluster comes up and have running pods. any ideas? are env-variables are better than --parameter's?