Hi. Apologies firstly as I can't post logs etc. f...
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Hi. Apologies firstly as I can't post logs etc. from my actual servers, and can't replicate the issue I'm experiencing in my lab, but any pointers would be appreciated. I'm running rancher 2.6.5 on a management cluster all on Rocky 8. I am having issues suddenly registering new nodes to an existing downstream cluster. There are already 7 identical nodes in the downstream cluster and I'm stumped as to why I can't register this new node. When I drop in the registration command, the script pulls fine from the management cluster, validates certs etc., downloads the rancher-system-agent binary and generates and ID for the new node, which pops up in the UI. But then the scripts stalls and keeps retrying with "[ERROR] 000 received while downloading Rancher connection information. Sleeping for 5 seconds and trying again curl: (28) Operation timed out after 60000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received". This I believe is trying to get the json for the rancher2_connection_info.json file from the /v3/connect/agent endpoint. But I can't find any way to see that endpoint, and if I manually construct a curl string for that endpoint I get a 301 permanently moved redirect. I've tried checking my certs, redeploying rancher and the cluster agent etc. But I'm stumped as to where this endpoint is, or why this is failing. Any hints or tips for where to take my troubleshooting next woul be appreciated.