05/04/2023, 2:43 PM
Hi Everyone: 🎉 Announcement: 🎉 I am happy to announce the release of Harvester CLI v0.2.0. CHANGELOG: 🚀 Enhancements Added the possibility to pass on files to cloud-init using new flags called --user-data-filepath and --network-data-filepath. The previous flags --cloud-init-user-data and --cloud-init-network-data (which were not clearly a configMap reference) become user-data-cm-ref and network-data-cm-ref. the *-cm-ref and *-filepath are mutually exclusive! -- Issue #24 Added support for the vm-import-controller, a plugin to import VMs from VMWare vCenter or OpenStack environments. Using Harvester CLI, you can enable the Addon with harvester import enable, define or delete a source cluster, as well as create or delete a VM import -- Issue #21 🐛 Bugs Fixed a bug where the harvester CLI could not create VMs with more than 6 CPUs. Side effect of the change: now, the harvester vm list command does not show weird memory values (caused by overCommit settings in Harvester). -- Issue #23 Please test it and let me know if I can do any improvements! (edite
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To get the new release, please go here.