05/01/2023, 10:41 AM
Hi I see in the newest version of Rancher that the webhook will be deployed in the downsteam cluster. I have a test setup to test this but I see a few things that worry me. 1. The webhook deployment is created with only 1 replica 2. The webhook deployment is created without any resource requests As far as I can see there is no way to change these other than doing it manually. But maybe I missed something? Does anyone know if in the future these settings will be configurable?


05/01/2023, 9:23 PM
The webhook in the downstream cluster is managed by rancher, so any changes will be reverted by Rancher on the next reconciliation. Also, I do not see the chart has the options for configuring the resources limits. (code) I do not hear any plan for this. You are welcome to make an GH issue in rancher/rancher so it can be under the team's radar.


05/01/2023, 9:27 PM
Thanks Jack I will create a ticket
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