04/29/2023, 4:31 PM
this might be more of a lower level issue, such as my BIOS or my understanding of grub. I was having video issues with the 1.1.2 usb installation and got past that with nomodeset but it seems to reboot my machine while executing some part of the installer (before any graphical steps). Any one run into something similar?
I feel like I'm a kid again figuring out how computers work for the very first time. LOL
console=ttys0 removed: installer reboots console=ttys0 removed and nomodeset: installer reboots perhaps a bad imaging. Will try a dd write.
this was on a shenzen assembled NUC like server from a mobo made in shenzen. I am getting an updated BIOS from AMI (call me paranoid but I want to maintain a root of trust... even on a home lab)