It’s my pleasure to announce the release of <S3 G...
# s3gw
It’s my pleasure to announce the release of S3 Gateway v0.15.0 🦋🌺 This release focuses on stabilizing our continuous integration and release process. ⚙️ In this context, we have also addressed a number of issues that was affecting our testing framework when automatically triggered by CI. 🐛 Although this activity may not result in any direct user-facing improvements, it plays a crucial role in maintaining a stable environment for the upcoming major enhancements that the s3gw team is currently developing. 💪🔝 We continue to address the regular issues that affect all of s3gw's components. 👌 Features: 🚀 • Backend: Improve error handling and robustness of non-multipart PUT operations. • Backend: Telemetry: the backend now periodically exchanges data with our upgrade responder. • UI: Add tags support for objects. Fixes: 🐛 • CI: Various fixes focused on the stabilization and the consistency of the process. • Tests: Various fixes related with the integration with both the CI and the release process. Known Issues: ⚠️ • Backend: Non-versioned GETs may observe dirty data of concurrent non-multipart PUTs. Get the container images from: • or just use the Helm chart