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# rancher-desktop
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You can check if you are running the docker-compose from ~/.rd/bin. Also, make sure you use dockerd instead of containerd in preferences.
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Hi @wooden-spoon-95626, Thanks for your reply.. Yes I am using dockerd instead of containerd. Also could you please elaborate more on below: 'running the docker-compose from ~/.rd/bin.'
If you run
which docker-compose
, it should return $HOME/.rd/bin/docker-compose. If not, you can either turn on “Automatic” path configuration in Preferences->Application->Environment, or add ~/.rd/bin to the beginning of your $PATH. If you dont want to do either of those, you can simply run
${HOME}/.rd/bin/docker-compose -f your_docker_compose.yaml up
I am using windows machine..Also the issue my docker is not getting started. Usually after opening Rancher desktop, the icon color should be changed to green but it is not happening.
could you try running
docker compose up -d
? I think there's a typo in your command as docker compose should be 2 separate words (no dash). As in