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deleted on a VM that was not required in hopes there wasn't some longhorn volumes that were an issue and rebooted my nodes. We'll see what happens. System services seems to have progressed.
what are the relevant logs that a support bundle creates in relation to the upgrade process?
2023-04-26T133854.542573372Z Waiting for ManagedChart fleet-local/harvester from generation 2 2023-04-26T133854.542595909Z Target version: 1.1.2, Target state: ready 2023-04-26T133856.029654498Z Current version: 1.1.2, Current state: WaitApplied, Current generation: 4 2023-04-26T133901.036196368Z Sleep for 5 seconds to retry 2023-04-26T133902.463486841Z Current version: 1.1.2, Current state: ErrApplied, Current generation: 4 2023-04-26T133907.470074828Z Sleep for 5 seconds to retry
do you have a non default storage class?
thanks guys... I was just flashing a usb to install my harvester nodes from scratch. @prehistoric-balloon-31801 looks like it. Just copying the kubeconfig so I can work through the workaround on my laptop that has helm.
kubectl get bundles -A
NAMESPACE NAME BUNDLEDEPLOYMENTS-READY STATUS fleet-local fleet-agent-local 0/1 ErrApplied(1) [Cluster fleet-local/local: another operation (install/upgrade/rollback) is in progress] fleet-local local-managed-system-agent 1/1 fleet-local mcc-harvester 0/1 ErrApplied(1) [Cluster fleet-local/local: another operation (install/upgrade/rollback) is in progress] fleet-local mcc-harvester-crd 1/1 fleet-local mcc-local-managed-system-upgrade-controller 1/1 fleet-local mcc-rancher-logging 1/1 fleet-local mcc-rancher-logging-crd 1/1 fleet-local mcc-rancher-monitoring 0/1 ErrApplied(1) [Cluster fleet-local/local: another operation (install/upgrade/rollback) is in progress] fleet-local mcc-rancher-monitoring-crd 1/1
helm history fleet-agent-local -n fleet-local
Error: release: not found
do I need to delete one of these?
kubectl get secret -A -l status=pending-upgrade
NAMESPACE NAME TYPE DATA AGE cattle-fleet-local-system sh.helm.release.v1.fleet-agent-local.v328 1 24d cattle-logging-system sh.helm.release.v1.rancher-logging.v225 1 24d cattle-monitoring-system sh.helm.release.v1.rancher-monitoring.v17 1 57d cattle-system sh.helm.release.v1.local-managed-system-agent.v314 1 24d cattle-system sh.helm.release.v1.mcc-local-managed-system-upgrade-controller.v321 1 24d harvester-system sh.helm.release.v1.harvester.v194 1 24d
Hi @bright-fireman-42144, it’s better to roll back those
charts one by one as described in the workaround instead of removing the Secrets.
helm can't find those releases though
It's just a lab, so I am installing from scratch. As much as I would like to be able to contribute to discovering what actually breaks during an upgrade and figuring out the inner workings (I'm learning a lot right now for example). I'm just going to start from scratch. Thank you both for your out of band support, much appreciated!
Sorry for the late reply. If you still have the environment running, could you try this command?
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helm history fleet-agent-local -n fleet-local
helm history harvester -n harvester-system
helm history rancher-monitoring -n cattle-monitoring-system
helm list -A
might not show those releases.