04/19/2023, 7:09 PM
Not sure what broke. I'm on win11 using WSL2 on ubuntu 22.04 and yesterday my environment worked fine. Today I try to build k3d (it's a problem with k3s though) clusters and it hangs on:
DEBU[0002] Waiting for node k3d-dc3-server-0 to get ready (Log: 'k3s is up and running')
When I look at the docker logs for the server node, its crapping out on:
time="2023-04-18T18:11:05Z" level=info msg="Run: k3s kubectl"
time="2023-04-18T18:11:05Z" level=fatal msg="failed to find cpu cgroup (v2)"
This only just started happening after a windows update. Has anyone seen this issue? I tried a WSL2 kernel hack and I got it working:
kernelCommandLine = cgroup_no_v1=all cgroup_enable=cpuset cgroup_memory=1 cgroup_enable=memory
But now my clusters that were working before keep crashing pods with OOM errors that didn't happen before. So this workround doesn't seem great.