04/19/2023, 6:43 PM
Hi, Thanks for creating HobbyFarm. I'm trying to install HobbyFarm in Rancher Desktop and I've documented the steps here. My end goal is to get my vCenter working with HobbyFarm and I'm still doing my research on how to define Environment and VM Templates for vCenter. Unfortunately I'm stuck now. It would be a great help if I get the specs needed for deploying VMs in vCenter.
In one of the YouTube videos (

) Chris mentioned that the CRDs are abstracted. I tried to use "`kubectl explain Environment.spec --recursive`" , but didn't get much details from it. I'm looking for the answers of below. - What provider to use to connect vCenter - How to pass the vCenter FQDN/IP & credentials - How to add VM templates etc.. I'm familiar with the code we use in rancher repo, but here I'm kind of blind.
No operator for vSphere and we are not encouraging terraform module as well.
Is my understanding correct?


04/21/2023, 2:26 PM
Hi Ansil - Your understanding is correct. We're in a sort of in-between state where the only providers we're encouraging right now are EC2, DigitalOcean, and Equinix. In the next week I am going to release the first draft of a machine provider spec which is our attempt to formalize that provisioning interface. Once we standardize and accept that, we can move forward on building new providers, which I am anxious to do.
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However, that is not to say that Terraform won't work. You can absolutely use it today and I think there may be some vSphere examples floating around. I can try and dig them up or someone else can.
In the future having a 3rd party Terraform provider makes sense to me. It's just that today's implementation of it is poor and flawed.


04/23/2023, 7:32 AM
Thanks @worried-fountain-60974.