04/18/2023, 6:25 PM
Not sure what broke. I'm on win11 using WSL2 on ubuntu 22.04 and yesterday my environment worked fine. Today I try to build k3d clusters and it hangs on:
DEBU[0002] Waiting for node k3d-dc3-server-0 to get ready (Log: 'k3s is up and running')
When I look at the docker logs for the server node, its crapping out on:
time="2023-04-18T18:11:05Z" level=info msg="Run: k3s kubectl"
time="2023-04-18T18:11:05Z" level=fatal msg="failed to find cpu cgroup (v2)"
Thoughts? I'm not coming up with a whole lot when googling ­čś×
A huddle started
Ugh. this version of slack is odd.. any way. I can't delete the extra post. It appears some k3s folks mention:
K3S needs cgroups to start the systemd service. cgroups can be enabled by appending cgroup_memory=1 cgroup_enable=memory to /boot/cmdline.txt
How would I go about adding this in k3d? Since k3d is abstracting k3s?
I got it to work by doing this hack
kernelCommandLine = cgroup_no_v1=all
from I don't really understand exactly what I just did and if it's going to break something else. Didn't have to do this yesterday or for the last months on win11 or win10
well.. I take it back. it got k3d to install but now wsl is fatally crashing