Hi Rancher Masters!!! My LetsEncrypt certificate ...
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Hi Rancher Masters!!! My LetsEncrypt certificate are expiring soon and I'm trying to renew it for my Rancher Cluster (hosted on a EKS cluster). I've changed the
because the previous owner of this cluster isn't working with us anymore. So, I tried steps 3, 4 and 5 of the official documentation but my certificate it's still the same: https://ranchermanager.docs.rancher.com/getting-started/installation-and-upgrade/resources/update-rancher-certificate#3-reconfigure[…]her-deployment I'm curious if I need to generate a LetsEncrypt certificate manually again (using certbot) and update the secret with it or how can I run a certbot server if my rancher application are running on a k8s cluster? Please, I'm struggling with this issue for some days.