# rancher-desktop


04/08/2023, 4:55 PM
I'm experiencing a little bit of strangeness with networking on the WSL side, not sure how to explain. Sometimes, *.localhost times out and fails to respond, but I can hit forwarded ports directly. Other times, I can hit *.localhost (traefik), but port forwards do nothing. I can sometimes remedy the issue by disabling traefik in the preferences, then re-enabling it. Another thing I've noticed, is that sometimes I can't curl the traefik workloads on *.localhost from within WSL when I can hit them in browser on the same machine. I edit etc/hosts and I see that there are different IPs for the host machine.
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If I update the localhost entry to, then I can curl the *.localhost traefik endpoints from within WSL, but then I can no longer access them from the browser.