04/05/2023, 8:31 PM
Hi All, I have rancher 2.7.1 server setup as docker container in an EC2 instance and a minikube cluster running on another ec2 instance is imported/registered with status being Active. But now when I click on the cluster, the browser gives 500 error saying "invalid upgrade response: status code 200" rancher server container logs say the same: Proxy upgrade error: invalid upgrade response: status code 200 Also attached the screenshot of the current status. Fleet agent of the cluster says:
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msg="Failed to register agent: looking up secret cattle-fleet-system/fleet-agent-bootstrap: an error on the server (\"invalid upgrade response: status code 201\") has prevented the request from succeeding (post <|>)"
Cluster Agent logs doesnt say anything significant related to error. can anyone please help here?
Can someone please help or point me to the right channel?


04/10/2023, 1:22 PM
First thing I'd check is the cluster agent pod logs but you mentioned you've already done that. Any firewalls or proxies between these environments?