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# rancher-desktop
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How do you start the application? I would avoid the
prompt by running without admin access, i.e.
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rdctl start --application.admin-access=false ...
You will not get the
endpoint if you are using moby, so you may need to run
docker context use rancher-desktop
I can try that, but I need docker socket
Either set the docker context, or
export DOCKER_HOST=unix:///home/USERNAME/.rd/docker.sock
But if you are using context-aware clients, then setting the context is probably better, so you don't have to worry about propagating the env variable
I guess in a headless env everything is a subprocess, so it may not matter either way
@fast-garage-66093 you just made my day! Everything started, and after that, I was able to run docker context use rancher-desktop and can see running containers with docker ps. Now, given that this is a Jenkins agent/worker, and largely must run unattended, including that it can restart at any moment, what would you recommend? I remember, since v1.8.1 Rancher Desktop can start automatically, and I can add a service that sets docker context after Rancher Desktop started and initialized
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no worries, but if you get some ideas, get back to be when you have time we can use a systemd service (I have some experience) to completely automate this and not need UI at all - maybe
The auto-start functionality is tied to the user logging in, so I don't know if that would work in a headless setup. Controlling it via a service seems to be better.
You probably need to wait until the docker context has been created before you can switch to it, so you'll need a polling loop there I think
Generally, do you think if all the configuration necessary for functionality is provided (as in config files), there will be no real need for the UI? Services can depend on each other, and wait for dependencies to be ready before running, systemd shines at it. I think headless as service might be an important use case, and given the integration in Rancher Desktop it’ll be better solutions than competition offers - and I mean not only Docker Desktop, but things like minikube etc
You can configure (almost) everything with options from
rdctl start
. The exceptions right now are: WSL Integration, muted diagnostics, and list of allowed images. None of those are relevant for headless operation on Linux.
perfect, thank you for reminding me about rdctl!
the only thing left unclear, for the first time, where rdctl comes from? As far as I can tell, rdctl is installed in ~/.rd/bin upon first start of Rancher Desktop by a particular user. Which is not really a problem because I can create a template with all things needed, preinstalled