04/03/2023, 3:33 PM
Does networking for 1.8.1 on Windows require additional configurations? When I deploy my development cluster to 1.7.0 ingress with Traefik works correctly and my loadbalanced ports are bound correctly but if I update my machine to 1.8.1 the ports never bind unless I manually configure port forwarding. I don't have to use port-forwarding for 1.7.0 so I just want to know if this is an expected change or if I'm doing something wrong. I do see notes related changes to the network stack starting in 1.8.0 (I haven't tried that version in particular.) Also, has any progress been made on allowing for the port number for the dashboard to be changed? Being on port 9080 causes conflicts with GHub for Logitech and it's a pretty common port used for development.
as a note when I check netstat port 80 and the others are not bound to, or anything else