04/02/2023, 5:49 PM
Hi, I'm seeing continuous restart on fleet-agent in one of our clusters. rancher 2.6.9. fleet-agent 0.5.0. I have a few other clusters in this rancher instance and they don't have the same problem. E0402 17:37:31.896316 1 leaderelection.go:330] error retrieving resource lock cattle-fleet-system/fleet-agent-lock: Get "": context deadline exceeded I0402 17:37:31.896359 1 leaderelection.go:283] failed to renew lease cattle-fleet-system/fleet-agent-lock: timed out waiting for the condition E0402 17:37:31.896433 1 leaderelection.go:306] Failed to release lock: resource name may not be empty time="2023-04-02T17:37:31Z" level=fatal msg="leaderelection lost for fleet-agent-lock"
I restarted the deployment at one point and the new pod seemed to be able to modify the configmap since holderIdentity was updated to the new pod name.
other then that I have no idea what might be going on. any ideas?