03/27/2023, 6:49 AM
Hi, I have couple clusters with cloud-provider vsphere and now there's a need for change the nodeport range from the default 30000-32767 to e.g. 30000-39999. Is it possible to change? I cannot find the place the nodeport configuration is set. In a custom cluster the nodeport range is changeable even from "edit config -> networking" but in vsphere deployed cluster the whole networking sections is gone. Any advices?
Ok, figured it out. It's quite odd that you cannot change the networking-settings via the "Edit Config". But what actually worked is just to add the same line as custom-cluster
service-node-port-range: 30000-39999
under service-cird in the yaml.
Beside this, I also added
nodeport-range = "30000-39999"
to vsphere-cloud-config CM under [Global]