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[mike@k1 ~]$ helm install transmission bananaspliff/transmission-openvpn --values media.transmission-openvpn.values.yml --namespace media
E0325 11:00:16.314657 2816630 memcache.go:238] couldn't get current server API group list: <nil>
Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: the server could not find the requested resource
[mike@k1 ~]$
I think perhaps the E0325 is important here.
Ok, well I got further. Now I am encountering a crash/loop. From logs:
Starting container with revision: b33d0fe4c938259a0d4eb844e55468f387456121 2023-03-25T13:12:07.271749708Z Creating TUN device /dev/net/tun 2023-03-25T13:12:07.273823285Z rm: cannot remove '/dev/net/tun': Device or resource busy
Ok, so it seems to boil down to
Starting container with revision: b33d0fe4c938259a0d4eb844e55468f387456121Sat, Mar 25 2023 2:06:27 pm
Creating TUN device /dev/net/tun 2023-03-25T14:06:27.162899355Z rm: cannot remove '/dev/net/tun': Device or resource busy