Hi. What are the rules that Rancher uses to gener...
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Hi. What are the rules that Rancher uses to generate names for various resources, e.g. cloud credential secrets (cc-[a-z0-9]), per cluster namespaces (c-m-[a-z0-9]), users etc? I'm playing with RKE2 cluster templates, trying to automatically set up ClusterRoleTemplateBindings. I used the template at https://github.com/rancher/cluster-template-examples/blob/main/charts/templates/clusterroletemplatebinding.yaml which suggests that at least for the cluster namespace it should be sha256sum(<release.namespace>/<cluster.name>) truncated to the first 8 characters. But when deploying a cluster "test-cluster1" to "fleet-default", Rancher generates "c-m-sdmms5ql" as cluster name and cluster namespace, and helm upgrade -i errors with "Error: namespaces "c-m-e1943c76" not found".