03/22/2023, 11:21 PM
I'm enjoying Rancher Desktop so far. Something strange happened between stopping and restarting the app and VM. Now the ingress external IP is different, and it's not reachable from the host machine. I'll thread with more details.
Before the restart, the Traefik ingress external IP was reachable from the Linux host machine and the LAN ( Now, after the restart, the IP is, which doesn't match any IP route on the host machine.
❯ ip route get via dev wlp3s0 src uid 1000 
I have Rancher Desktop Version 1.8.0 on Ubuntu Linux 22.04.
I believe the problem was that I rebooted after following the Rancher Desktop instructions for Linux, which do not hint that it's necessary to persist the unprivileged ports exception in sysctl.conf. I've sent a PR to add a hint.