03/18/2023, 8:26 PM
Feel VERY free to chime in on this discussion > < 😄 thank you!
Anyone with a take on this one?


03/24/2023, 1:27 AM
some combo of having new worker nodes already online with the new value set, volume cloning and all of the manual edits ready to go as kubectl apply -f yaml file writes?
also have REALLY good backups and make sure all your PVs are set to retain before trying


03/24/2023, 9:21 PM
Uh yeah. Like the idea. The issue is that for new workers to get the new location of the kubelet. The longhorn workloads I mention in the discussion that I’ve lined to, needs to be updated. When that’s done those are recreated and now the old volumes are no longer able to properly umount the volumes.
@mysterious-boots-59774 if I may. What would be your take on this?
Anyone else with a take on this? Have people seen the discussion I linked to? Would be really happy to get a pointer or two on this. Thank you very much…. ( appreciate you chiming in @polite-piano-74233 thanks )