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@salmon-city-57654 any feedback on this? i noticed you were a contributor. ^
@quaint-alarm-7893 If I remember correctly I don't think Harvester CSI supports Windows👀
@chilly-soccer-69887 i dont need it to support windows volumes, or make nodes, i just need to be able to join a windows node to a rke2/k3s cluster for windows workloads. i can manually handle volumes for it if needed.
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Hi @quaint-alarm-7893, did you mean that you want to join a windows node to an existing rke2/k3s cluster as an agent node? If yes, maybe you could refer to this ( And for the rke2 cluster management questions, maybe you could find some help on #rke2
For the first question, the cloud-config, you can generate by this script ( Also, we have the document PR ( in review (for the propose manual deployment). You could also refer to this. Thanks!
I'll Try those resources @salmon-city-57654, Thanks!
@salmon-city-57654 i got the csi working, but the cloud-provider seems to have a cert issue. my harvester cluster uses a self-signed cert, any way to get around the error on the cloud-provider? node_controller.go:241] Error getting instance metadata for node addresses: Get "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority is my vip
btw, that writeup for rke quickstart on a windows node didnt seem to work either. it only added the rke2 service, not containerd or calico, which was relly odd. the custom cluster registration url seems to work fine, so i dont know why the method in the quickstart didnt work.