03/17/2023, 3:12 PM
So I, silly me, did not follow when I removed a node by first draining it … from a k3s v1.25.5 cluster. I can create a simple pod that consumes a pvc and that gets up and running and I can exec into the pod and write data to a mount on the created pvc. But, two of the volumes on the cluster - NOT RWX - cannot get attached. I’ve hard deleted them but they end up getting deadline exceeded errors after some time and thereby fail to attach. Tailing all pods in the longhorn-system namespace, with the tail krew plugin, I see that the removed node is mentioned with a log line stating that the engine image is not ready on the removed worker. And of course not - because the worker is gone. How can the above situation be remediated? This issue > is somewhat similar. Thank you very much
I’m on longhorn version v1.4.0
Tried upgrading longhorn to v1.4.1 and the error remains