# harvester


03/14/2023, 1:41 AM
Howdy all! New Harvester user here (just a HomeLab, nothing huge). Just wanted to say hi…. super excited to test this beast out! Wondering if anyone has some “unofficial” harvester related docs or writeups you’d offer as quality material? I’m pretty comfortable in K8s and various cloud providers but haven’t self hosted beyond Rancher Desktop for local dev and my little k3d box over in the corner. Ideally my hope is to manage this whole setup in Terraform/packer/kubernetes native deployment tools, but right now i’m just figuring out the basic stuff - like where do i dig up schema on a harvester config file… Scratch that just found it Any Harvester newb suggestions welcome. I’m all ears!


03/14/2023, 8:28 AM
Hi @dry-animal-96145. Welcome to use Harvester 🎉 We have the terraform provider to setup/manage. Please refer to this - Also, you can just ask anything about harvester on this channel. We are all glad to answer it.